Leah Miller, the founder of 2%, is a recent graduate from Ross University School of Medicine (class of 2020). Throughout her studies, and along her path to pursue medicine, she noticed that there was a disproportionately low representation of Black female physicians. After doing more research, she became aware that only 2% of practicing physicians are Black women (1). She knew that a change needed to be made. ​​


From this discrepancy came the idea for the company, 2%. 2%'s main goal is to bring awareness and change to the fact that women of color aren't nearly as represented in the medical field as they should be. 2%'s outreach is done via female doctors of color speaking in local high schools about the opportunities that a career in medicine could bring. 


2% also collects funds via donations and t-shirt sales. All donations, and all  proceeds from shirt sales go towards scholarships and after school programs that promote women of color in the medical field.

(1) Goldberg, E. (2020, August 11). For Doctors of Color, Microaggressions Are All Too Familiar. Retrieved October 25, 2020, from https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/11/health/microaggression-medicine-doctors.html